Kason Centrifugal Sifter Dewatering Spent Grains
The water/grain mixture is fed by a lobe pump into the inlet at the upstream end of the centrifugal sifter, where a screw feeds the mixture into the open end of a horizontal screen cylinder. Rotating helical paddles propel the water/grain mixture against the screen, accelerating the passage of water through the screen and against the wall of the chamber which funnels the water by gravity through a 10 in. (254 mm) outlet into a 2000 gal (7570 l) polyethylene vat below. It is further treated with soda ash to adjust pH before finally flowing into the public wastewater system. Grain solids unable to pass through screen apertures are propelled in a helical pattern through the screen cylinder until being discharged through its open end, into a chute that funnels the dewatered solids into a plastic tote on a pallet below. When a tote is full with about 2,500 lb (1,136 kg) of the damp grain, a pallet truck replaces it with an empty tote. The full totes are stored in a holding area to be picked-up by a farmer.
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