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Sifting & Screening Solution

CROSS-FLO Static Scalping Sieves

scalp coarse, free-flowing dry solids at ultra-high rates

Kason Corporation's CROSS-FLO static dry scalping sieve cost-effectively provides superior performance. Our industry-leading sieve equipment has offered innovative solutions for a wide range of problems in brewing, food production, chemical, and industrial applications. Also, as the sieve doesn't require an electrical drive or screen changes, its energy consumption is nonexistent and the initial cost and operational cost are low. 

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Kason CROSS-FLO Static Dry Scalping Sieve

The CROSS-FLO static scalping sieves can scalp coarse, free-flowing dry solids at ultra-high rates. Each unit has a fixed-slope, heavy-duty, permanent bar screen with apertures ranging from .25 inches (6mm) to 3 inches (76mm).

Our sieves can process up to 100 tons (91 metric tons) per hour and can support a variety of solids-solids separation applications.

Some of the main benefits of the CROSS-FLO static dry scalping sieve include:

  • Easy to maintain - no screen changes
  • Low installation cost
  • Low operational costs
  • Zero energy consumption
  • High levels of corrosion and abrasion resistance
  • Compliant with all US and international safety and sanitary regulation


CROSS-FLO static dry scalping sieves are available in widths from 2 (610mm) to 6 feet (1830mm). Custom-manufactured larger sizes are available to meet almost any need. 

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Kason Corporation has been providing innovative and cost-effective screening and sieving solutions for over 50 years. We understand that each business has unique space and processing requirements. That is why we manufacture a range of standard options, and we can also create customized models that fit your business's particular application requirements. 

In addition to our CROSS-FLO static dry scalping sieves, we can supply an extensive range of replacement parts. We stock a large inventory of standard components and can make custom-made parts for specific applications. All of our parts can be quickly shipped at market leading prices.

Contact one of our team today to see how our static dry scalping sieves can help your processing procedures.

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