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Sustainable Spent Grain Processing Solutions

Kason Corporation is the industry-leading global spent grain processing equipment manufacturer that distilleries can count on for efficiency, cost savings, and reducing waste and disposal costs. Our high-performance spent grain dewatering and spent grain drying equipment has helped distilleries of all sizes recycle and repurpose resources through solids removal, screening, dewatering, and drying while improving distillation processes and wastewater management.

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Centrifugal Stillage Separation

Kason has an established foothold in the global network of distilleries, providing distillery stillage separation equipment that delivers sustainable and reliable performance.

From low flow rates to those in excess of hundreds of gallons per minute, Kason offers a range of models ideal for small-batch craft distillers and larger production operations alike. Thanks to its cost-effectiveness, ease of use, Quick-Clean design, and smaller footprint, the CENTRI-SIFTER is the equipment of choice for processing stillage and distillery wastewater. 

Explore the Kason Blog for more on how one distiller used a Kason sifter to minimize waste disposal costs and make it easier for local farmers to utilize spent grain as nutrient-dense animal feed.

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Grain Dewatering and Drying Equipment

Silk City utilizes a CENTRI-SIFTER Centrifugal Dewatering Separator to dewater spent grain in a fraction of the time it took to manually screen spent grain.

Silk City DistillersCLIFTON, NJ | Co-Owner, President and Chief Distiller James Bendar utilizes a CENTRI-SIFTER Centrifugal Dewatering Separator to dewater spent grain to a moisture content of 50-60%. Using a centrifugal sifter for screening spent grain allows them to complete the process in a fraction of the time it would take to manually screen spent grain.

Kason’s heavy-duty screening and dewatering equipment for distillers and drying equipment for spent grains are available in a host of sanitary models and food-grade finishes that provide easy cleaning and maintenance, minimizing downtime between batches while collecting solid waste to turn profit and maximize yields. All of our screening and dewatering equipment for distilleries and drying equipment for spent grain processing is constructed in high-performance 304 and 316 stainless steel and can be built to comply with global safety and sanitary standards.

Spent Grain Screening and Dewatering Equipment

Our CENTRI-SIFTER centrifugal dewatering separators can remove oversize particles and sediment for pre-distillation and post-distillation processes alike. The screeners are ideal for production lines with space limitations and can be manufactured with caster wheels for added mobility, or with adjustable tilt stands to maximize moisture content reduction.

Spent Grain Drying Equipment

Our VIBRO-BED circular vibratory fluid bed dryers have been utilized to further process used grains. They can be configured to fit almost anywhere in the production line and offer a low-maintenance, zero-energy and cost-effective solution for drying spent grain to moisture contents comparable to those of shelf-stable grains.

Distillery System

We have worked with large commercial and smaller craft distillers and other beverage producers to create systems that incorporate screening, dewatering, and drying equipment for different processing stages in distilling. 


Custom Configurations: Kason offers industry-standard units to meet spent grain processing needs. Fully customizable dewatering equipment and built-to-spec custom drying equipment can be engineered and manufactured to suit unique application requirements and material characteristics.

Not sure where to start? Kason offers free lab testing to ensure the design and build of your processing equipment will offer high performance and utmost processing efficiency.

Our dewatering and processing equipment have been used in the following applications:

  • Distillery stillage waste separation
  • Spent grain dewatering
  • Spent grain drying

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We have created a whole host of innovative and customized solutions for our partners in the distilling industry, brewing industry, and other like beverage industries. Our range of standard screening equipment for distillery and brewery applications can be easily integrated into existing processes to save time and money.

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