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Material Sifting & Screening

For over 50 years, Kason Corporation has manufactured industry-leading screening, separating and processing equipment. Our extensive range of machinery provides cost-effective, sanitary, and efficient bulk solid material screening and sifting.

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The list below is just a small sample of the industries we work with and materials that our screening and separating equipment typically handle:

  • Pharmaceutical: aspirin, blood, amoxicillin, antioxidants, coagulants, penicillin, alcohol, toothpaste, vitamins
  • Chemicals: adhesive, agchem, ascorbic acid, biochemicals, bleach, detergents, fungicide, gasoline, insecticides, nylon, paint, plastics, PVC
  • Industrial: aluminum, asbestos, cement, calcium, fiberglass, fly ash, foundry sand, quarries, powdered metals, mining
  • Food: food mixes, flour, wheat, bakery, butter, beef, chocolate, chocolate liquor, dehydrated foods, honey, ice-cream, flavors and flavorings, plant-based meat alternatives, tofu, fruits and vegetables, syrups and molasses, yeast, spices, pet food, animal feed
  • Beverages: tea, coffee, cider, drink mixes, fruit juices, powdered beverage mixes, infant formula, wine and grapes, brewing, distilling, dairy, yeast, wastewater, cider, hops, wheat
  • Cannabis and Hemp: biomass, buds, bud nuggets, cannabinoids, CBD, ground hemp, hash oil, hemp oil, hemp seeds, trimmed flowers, ice hash, keef, marijuana, THC
  • Dairy Products: casein, curd and whey, dry cheese, dry milk powder, lactose, non-dairy creamer powder
  • Pulp and Paper: bark ash, board products, finer, log flume, paper coatings, reject dewatering, sludge, white water clarify, wood, wood flour
  • Wastewater Management: beverages, cannery, dairies, fish, general, industrial, laundry, marine sewage, mining, poultry wastewater, municipal sewage

Don’t see your specific industry or application mentioned in the above? If you can’t find your materials, reach out to us to see how we can help your business.

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Typical Applications

Some of the typical applications that our screening and separating equipment include:

  • Sieving of bulk products
  • Scalp oversize particles from dry bulk materials
  • Classification of active ingredients
  • Drying, cooling, and moisturizing materials
  • Reclaiming
  • Powder coating
  • Bulk solid material sifting
  • Dewatering
  • De-agglomeration and de-lumping of ingredients
  • Batch and continuous powder blending
  • Granulation of small powders

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