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Warner Jenkinson Cosmetics Colors

Separator Helps Keep Cosmetic Powder Quality High

Warner Jenkinson Cosmetics Colors, manufacturer of high quality cosmetics products, has installed a Kason "Flo-Thru" Circular Screen Separator. It prevents any oversize or foreign materials from contaminating products before it reaches customers.

We first crush pigment with a hammermill than pulverize it with a mill, explained Warner Jenkinson Production Manager, Bhogilal Patel. The 30 in. (760 mm) diameter "Flo-Thru" unit operates a few hours per day, he added. When it operates, approximately 50 lbs (22 kg) of powder pass through the stainless steel "Flo-Thru" unit in about 12 minutes. A 16 mesh tensile bolting cloth stainless steel screen separated the oversize material from product.

Another feature of the separator that Kason built for Warner Jenkinson is a magnet located at the product discharge. The magnet attracts ironized particles that could degrade product quality by clinging together.

High quality standards do not allow for any extraneous material such as bag ties, and bits of plastics. When powders from other operations arrive, there's no telling what might be mixed in. The "Flo-Thru" separator and integral magnet catch foreign material, enabling Warner Jenkinson Cosmetic Colors to set and meet increasingly higher quality standards.

Since various shades of ruby and pink powder are screened, it's important that the unit be thoroughly cleaned before each batch. Experience has shown that another problem that can adversely affect cosmetics powder is rust. Tiny rust flakes in the powder would leave an unappealing color on somebody's face, creating customer displeasure. The stainless steel construction help prevents rust that could form if a mild steel was used. If a less corrosion resistant grade of steel was used for components, rust could enter the powder, degrading its quality. To facilitate cleaning and allow for screening in various locations, Kason mounted this "Flo-Thru" unit on a portable stand that has self-locking casters.

Though Warner Jenkinson uses some of the pigment for it own products, the remainder is sold to cosmetic companies. In either case, product quality is at a higher level than before thanks to the mobile "Flo-Thru" unit. In addition to these benefits, "Flo-Thru" units have very high scalping capacity rates, yet fit into very limited vertical spaces.

Screen Tips - Volume 9, Number 2 Summer 1994


Separator Helps Keep Cosmetic Powder Quality High
The Kason 'Flo-Thru' Circular Screen Separator mounted on a portable stand with self-locking caster provides processing flexibility. Dimensions are for the 30 in. (760 mm) diameter unit shown above. 'Flo-Thru' separators are available in other diameters as well.