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Sherwood Farms

Poultry Processor Uses Kason Separator to Maximize Waste Treatment Efficiency

Reprinted from Canner Packer

Separator maximizes waste treatment efficiency

A major poultry processor, Sherwood Farms, had to install an effective waste treatment system before discharging effluent into the local waterway or face shutdown. Daily slaughter of up to 18,000 broiler chickens generates approximately 100,000 gallons of wastewater. Two hundred gallons of wet solids, including fat and fine offal and pinfeathers, have to be removed from the effluent water prior to treatment. To overcome the solids removal problem, Sherwood Farms specified a 60" diameter separator equipped with a 20-mesh stainless steel wire screen. The unit was positioned in their new $183,000 waste treatment system as the final stage between a coarse 1/4" screen and an aerobic treatment tank.

An inclined screw conveyor removes feathers and coarse offal at the end of the kill-floor effluent flume, allowing the liquid (with fine particles) to pass through the perforations into a conveyor trough. The effluent is then pumped to the separator. The stainless steel cloth retains fine particles, which are directed to a discharge spout. This allows up to 200 gallons a minute of clarified liquid to pass through the screen. The liquid then passes through the separator's lower discharge spout for further treatment. Screened solid wastes are accumulated in barrels for pickup by an outside contractor.

In screening the effluent, special upper and lower weights on the separator motor impart three dimensional vibrating motion to the unit. Combined action ensures movement of the solids across the screen to the discharge outlet while encouraging the liquid to flow through the screen. A special Kleen-Sweep flexible top side wiper, is fitted around the central feed pipe of the separator to promote flow.

The separator used by Sherwood Farms is a Kason Corporation VIBROSCREEN. According to the poultry processor, the unit has helped them in meeting local and federal pollution control requirements while providing economical, maintenance-free operation. For further information describing VIBROSCREEN from the manufacturer.


Poultry processor uses Kason separator to maximize waste treatment efficiency