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International Flavors and Fragrances (IFF)

IFF Cuts Screen Blinding and Change-Out Times

DAYTON, NJ—Difficult-to-screen, oily, fine-particle products present a common challenge to companies involved in powder processing. International Flavors and Fragrances' (IFF) Flavors Division not only met this challenge, but improved final product yield when it automated the screening and packaging of an oily, granular shape product (bulk density 50 lb/cu ft, angle of repose of feed 70 degrees). The material had been blinding traditional manually operated circular screeners, interrupting production.

IFF dramatically decreased the screen blinding and boosted output with a VIBROSCREEN 60" (1525 mm) diameter, Quick-Change "Clamshell Design" circular vibratory screener from Kason.

The company had been separating this product with a smaller circular screener, which blinded frequently and required extensive manual effort to inspect and change screens. After stopping the line, two operators were required to unbolt and disassemble the unit, and remove several decks to change screens. "The labor and time to inspect and change the screens were not practical for the new continuous, automated line," says Richard Kiray, IFF senior project engineer.

Kiray streamlines screening operations

"We needed a lot of screen surface area to combat the blinding problem and reduce the amount of rejected material we had to reprocess," Kiray said, favoring a 60" (1525 mm) diameter screener having a larger surface area to efficiently separate this difficult material. The increased screen surface would prolong resident time on the screen to heighten separation efficiency.

To further reduce screen blinding, Kiray elected to install an ultrasonic anti-blinding device, an accessory that transmits ultrasonic frequencies to the screen, breaking the bind of oily material to the screen surface.

He said, "We needed a screener that opens and closes easily and quickly without tools or fasteners for inspection and screen change-outs. We wanted to open the screener quickly, inspect the screens, change them if necessary, and get back into production fast."

Kiray considered several screeners, and after running the material in the Kason test lab with a Kason representative, he decided on the 60"(1525 mm) VIBROSCREEN screener with clamshell lid.

Clamshell lid allows fast screen changes, easy inspection
The quick-release clamshell design allows one operator to raise the lid for inspecting or cleaning the interior. A second operator assists when screens are lifted in or out. Because these operations can be accomplished in several minutes, material can accumulate upstream of the screener without stopping the line.

During inspecting and changing of screens, deck components remain assembled. This eases cleaning and avoids damage to components, which occurred with the previous screeners during required disassembly.

Kason prepared IFF's clamshell lid for frequent opening and closing with a heavy-duty hinge, De-Sta-Co latch-acting clamps, and a heavy-duty gas spring.

To accommodate the ultrasonic anti-blinding transducer and associated cables, Kason provided access ports in the screening deck.

New system produces tighter-spec material continuously, automatically

In IFF's continuous, automated process, a screw conveyor feeds the material into the VIBROSCREEN separator at rates from 220 to 660 lbs/hr (100 to 300 kg/hr).

Screening occurs at 100°F (38°C), with two 60-mesh screens scalping the material. A second screw conveyor returns oversize material to the line for reprocessing. On-size material flows into another screw conveyor and is discharged into shipping containers.

"The increased screening efficiency of the 60" (1525 mm) separator improves our final product yield and profitability of the line," Kiray says. The new system has reduced manual labor, improved quality and reduced manufacturing costs, while boosting throughput of a difficult material with minimal screen blinding.

Based on the project's success, IFF is working with Kason on solutions to other screening problems in the plant.

Kiray says, "IFF demands equipment above and beyond what's available in the marketplace and does not settle for compromises on our processes. Kason offers the engineering and marketing enthusiasm to take on non-standard design challenges. They change what is needed in their design to meet our specifications. We like working with companies like Kason that are as receptive to new ideas as we are."

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IFF cuts screen blinding and change-out times
Quick-release "Clamshell" design of Kason's 60" diameter VIBROSCREEN separator (shown without ultrasonic anti-blinding device) allows rapid screen changes, easy inspection, and thorough cleaning.