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Clarification of Yeast Slurry

In the brewing industry, a need may exist to remove coagulated protein particles from yeast slurry prior to centrifugal concentration and re-use. Separating foreign particles from yeast slurry in producing de-bittered yeast for food purposes is also encountered. Kason VIBROSCREEN Circular Vibratory Separators have been successfully installed for these applications.

Method and results
Yeast slurry is continuously fed to a Kason VIBROSCREEN Separator equipped with screens ranging from 42- to 200-mesh (0.0138" to 0.0029" wire openings), depending upon process clarification requirements. Oversize impurities total less than 1% of the feed by weight, and capacity of a 48" diameter Kason Separator will range from 120 down to 75 IGPM, depending upon the screen opening selected. Impurities are continuously discharged relatively free of yeast solids. Other models are available and a unit may be sized to meet the individual brewery's capacity requirements.

1. The Kason transmits no vibration to supporting structures, and may be mounted portably for convenience in moving it to yeast tanks.
2. Polished stainless steel surfaces and absence of corners in this circular design results in ease of cleaning and rigid adherence to the most stringent of sanitary requirements.
3. A horizontal screen is used and the Kason's 3-dimensional motion discharges impurities relatively free of yeast, in contrast to inclined screens that will discharge yeast with overflow solids if the optimum angle is not maintained.

  • Stainless steel construction at all points of material contact.
  • Standard discharge spouts for both yeast and impurity.
  • Screen opening from 42- to 200-mesh to meet processing requirements.
  • Models available for capability ranging from 10-175 IGPM.
Kason Application Data No: 3