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Highland Produce

CENTRI-SIFTER Unit Prevents Undissolvable Dried Egg From Reaching Customers

About 20 years ago, Highland Produce President Larry Ewanishan decided he no longer would tolerate an operation beset with airborne egg particles as he packaged spray-dried egg and egg yolk for his customers in the food preparation industry. After visiting neighboring manufacturer who uses the CENTRI-SIFTER, he ordered one to replace a "shaker" for his operation in Two Hills, Alberta, Canada. The CENTRI-SIFTER unit removes undissolvable spray dried egg particles larger then the openings of a 12 mesh monofilament nylon screen. The large particles would cause problems for companies that produce macaroni, doughnuts and other foods that include egg or egg yolk among their ingredients, explained Ewanishan. His model KO stainless steel CENTRI-SIFTER scalps spray dried eggs at 750 pounds per hour (340 kg per hour) about 90 percent of the time and yolk about 900 pounds per hour (400 kg per hour) during the remainder of the time it operates. It takes about 100,000 chickens to keep his reliable CENTRI-SIFTER operating 8 hours per day four to five days a week. "It's a beautiful machine," says Ewanishan.

Once the fried egg particles have passed through the CENTRI-SIFTER screen, they flow into boxes which are shipped to food processors. With the oversize particles removed, bakers have an easy time of mixing dried egg or yolk with flour and other ingredients.

Screen Tips - Volume 10, Number 1 Spring 1995