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Button Manufacturer Automates With Kason Separator

As any apparel manufacturer will tell you, buttons need to be available in specific colors, materials, designs, and sizes. Button makers have been designing and manufacturing buttons in a wide variety of types and sizes for hundreds of years. One company that had depended on employees to sort the colors has recently begun using a circular screen separator to sort them by size.

Before 1993, four employees shook screens by hand for about 1.5 hours for every batch of buttons made to classify them by size. After the company managers learned of the Kason VIBROSCREEN circular screen separator and how Kason customizes these separators to meet specific application needs, they explained the need for a faster process and their application. When Kason' engineers understood this situation, they designed a special 24 in. (460 mm) diameter unit with four screens. Now, with the VIBROSCREEN in place, buttons are classified in 15 minutes after each batch. Twelve batches of buttons per day are manufactured.

To facilitate changing screens frequently, quickly and easily, Kason engineers designed the VIBROSCREEN unit with four "Destaco" Quick Act clamps. When in the lock position, they hold the four frames with integral screens securely together.

Unlike most screens that consist of woven wire, this button manufacturer uses perforated plate "screens" with openings of 25mm, 20mm, 17mm and 13mm. These plate screens are welded to the frames to prevent oversize buttons from ever spilling off the edge and to speed the screen changing procedure.

Positioning the Quick Act Clamps is never a problem because the brackets are welded to the bottom of the discharge frame equidistantly around the circumference. The curved hook at the top of the clamp fits over the edge of the top frame. Once the clamp lever is pushed down, the gaskets between the frames are compressed and the frames remain snug together as a unit.

A one-third-hp ( one-quarter-kw ) gyrator motor located in the base of the VIBROSCREEN imparts horizontal and vertical motion to the screen. This screen motion causes the buttons to cross the plate, dropping through the openings if they're wide enough, and traveling to the oversize discharge spout if the buttons are too wide to drop through the openings.

Thus, the button manufacturer has chosen the best separator for this application because it is customized for unique needs and will provide reliable service. The friendly assistance, speed of delivery and competitive pricing also make Kason a valuable supplier to a wide variety of process industries.

Now the four employees who shook the screens by hand can use their extra time for other tasks. By replacing a laborious operation with a reliable machine, the company has boosted profits.

Screen Tips - Volume 9, Number 1 Spring, 1994


Button Manufacturer Automates with Kason Separator
Perforated screens help a manufacturer sort buttons by size. Kason provides custom screens for it's customers to meet their special requirements.
Button Manufacturer Automates with Kason Separator
Kason engineers designed this VIBROSCREEN Circular Screen Separator with four "Destaco" Quick Act Clamps to facilitate changing screens frequently, quickly and easily. This design enables a button manufacturer to classify many different types of buttons by diameter quickly.