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Kason VIBRO-BED Fluid Bed Processors

Compact, Cost-Saving Fluid Bed That Packs a High-End Punch

Why Choose Kason’s Circular Fluid Bed Processor?
Speed Up Drying Time
Reduce Cleaning and Downtime
User-Friendly Digital Controls
Save More Floor Space
Speed Up Drying Time
An energy-efficient circular design utilizes 100% of surface area to maximize airflow for faster drying, less waste and a more consistent product.
Reduce Cleaning and Downtime
Lighter materials and fewer welded seams means less cleaning and maintenance costs.
User-Friendly Digital Controls
Intuitive programmable controls monitor humidity, pressure, temperature and airflow to simplify operation and allow for off-site troubleshooting.
Save More Floor Space
Seven compact models ranging from 24 to 84 in. (610 to 2125 mm) in diameter provide fast, cost-effective installation and conserve valuable floorspace.
NEW FOR 2023:
Recycles Exhaust Air for Up to 50% Energy Savings

Save even more on energy, lower emissions and improve air quality with a fluid bed energy recovery system from Kason.


- Recirculate Heated Air for Up to 50% Energy Savings
- Enhance Environmental Air Quality
- Reduce Unwanted Odors & Emissions
- 12 Month Payback Period

Perfect for new installs, retrofits and competing drying systems. Ideal for a wide variety of drying applications including:

- Drying Temperatures Exceeding 150°F (66°C)
- Large Particles that Don’t Release Moisture Easily
- Material with Bound Moisture Content

5 Questions to Ask Before Recirculating Process Air
Interested in FREE testing your application in a Kason VIBRO-BED Fluid Bed Processor?
Our Iowa-based facility offers you the ability to test your application in our equipment to help you get the most out of your process and provide quality analysis to show you’re getting a dependable machine.

The compact, circular design of Kason’s VIBRO-BED makes it easier to achieve consistency and save on energy and maintenance costs than traditional rectangular-shaped fluid bed processors.

An inherently stronger and lighter construction also makes our fluid bed processors faster to build — and finish to sanitary standards. That means better lead times and easier installs for operations (batch or continuous) looking to dry, cool or moisturize bulk foods, pharmaceuticals or chemicals.