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Eastern Uniform

Laundry Workload Reduced By VIBROSCREEN Separator

Like all laundries, Eastern Uniform of Woodside, NY has to meet environmental regulations. In addition, the company manages its operations with a goal of reducing labor requirements.

One labor intensive task that was minimized is removal of lint, sand and grit from its wastewater holding tank. Eastern Uniform personnel had to remove about 15 to 20 wheelbarrow loads of these solids every year from the holding tank. Since this required many of hours of work every year, company managers decided to install a Kason VIBROSCREEN circular screen separator to remove the lint, sand and grit from the wastewater before it flows by gravity into the tank located below the separator. The accumulations of these materials decrease the wastewater volume capacity, limiting the tank's storage utility.

The laundry operates 13 hours per day to handle about 60,000 garments per week, leaving a little time for shoveling solids from tanks. The 30 in. (760 mm) diameter Kason VIBROSCREEN also operates 13 hours per day, scalping the solids from 50 gallons (190 liters) of wastewater per minute. A 100 mesh screen with .0055 in. (140 micron) openings scalps a large percentage of solids, leaving the wastewater discharged to local sewers relatively clean. Heat is removed through a heat exchanger and acid is added to neutralize the slightly alkaline wastewater, explained Easter Uniform's Plant Manager Matt Grayson.

One challenge involved preventing the solids from coating and blinding the top surface of the screen. Standard rings are not sufficient, explained Mr. Grayson, so Kason engineers custom designed and manufactured a stainless steel, anti-blinding, topside wiper assembly with lightweight neoprene wiper blades. Vibratory motion of the screen causes this wiper to rotate on the screen surface. The topside wiper blade eliminated the blinding problem.

Screen Tips - Volume 11, Number 1


Laundry Workload Reduced by Vibroscreen Separator
VIBROSCREEN unit at Eastern Uniform reduces shoveling solids from a wastewater tank.