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Kruger Inc.

Kruger Mill Installs Upgraded Vibratory Separator to Increase Paper Coating Capacity

Reprinted from Paper Age

As a result of field studies and experience, Kason Corporation has devised methods of upgrading a vibratory screen to increase productivity particularly where high quality finished products are required. Kruger Inc. in Quebec, Canada, manufacturers of coated papers increased production through upgrading with Kason units. The output from the two Kason K48-1-SS VIBROSCREEN separators had to be increased to keep the coaters supplied.

Problem Solved

Kruger took their problem to Kason's engineers who recommended adding a second screen above the existing one as a modular component to upgrade the vibratory separator to a multi-deck "Recycle Clarifier."

As a result of the modification, the bottleneck was broken and clay coating and production improved 40%. Screen life turned out to be very satisfactory.

The original Kason vibratory screener was a simple deck machine fitted with Kleen-Screen™ rings to prevent screen blinding. A second screen with rings was added in series with the original so that in one operation using the same operating space, the screening area was doubled .

The clay is fed to the center of the top screen. Oversized particles move to the screen periphery where a recycle system discharges them to the lower screen. Undersized particles and liquids rapidly pass through the operating screens and are forwarded to process.

The Kason "Recycle Clarifier"

The Kason Recycle Clarifier is a multi-deck separator for continuous high capacity dewatering of industrial/municipal wastes and processes. Unique design permits high volume input to flood the top deck where the major portion of clarification takes place . The resulting slurry is then "recycled" onto a lower deck where it undergoes maximum dewatering (the second deck of the Kason Recycle Clarifier is identical to the first, thus minimizing spare screen inventory) . Ideal for foamy feed because the foam has an opportunity to coalesce on the lower deck.

The Recycle Clarifier's modular construction means that it can be obtained as a complete unit or as a modular component to be installed on an existing circular vibratory separator. Available in diameters of 48", 60", 72", and 100".


Kruger Mill installs separator to increase paper coating capacity
One of the two stainless steel 48" diameter Kason "Vibro-Screen" separators modified to incorporate a second deck so as to serve as a "Recycled Clarifier" and increase production.