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Canadian Salt Co., Ltd.

Kason Separators Classify Evaporator and Fuses Salts at Canadian Salt Company

Lindbergh, AB, Canada — 72" and 48" diameter Kason VIBROSCREEN Separators at Canadian Salt classify salt 24 hours per day with negligible maintenance.

In their manufacturing processes, Canadian Salt uses vacuum pan crystallization and an exclusive thermal process which yields high purity product in screen sizes that cannot be duplicated by vacuum pan crystallization. The thermal process melts high grade granulated salt in a furnace at 1500°F . The molten salt is cast into molds to form hard cakes. The cakes are then crushed and screened to produce specific particle sizes desired. Precise separation of salt particles into specific size categories must be accomplished at relatively high speeds, and relatively high volume and with a high degree of on stream reliability.


The machine selected for use at Canadian Salt Company's Lindbergh, Alberta facility is a highly efficient circular separator. About 10 years ago, prior to the initiation of the company's thermal process, the plant installed its first 48 inch diameter Kason screen separator for screening its table salt fraction. Results proved so successful with this first unit that a second 48 inch unit was ordered for the same purpose. When Canadian Salt put its thermal process on stream for the production of fused salt, a three deck, 48 inch Kason screen separator was ordered for classification of salt crystals. Eventually, increased production called for acquisition of a 72 inch separator to be placed in the main salt feed stream. The 72 inch unit has three decks which separate the salt crystals into four fractions from ½ inch to 10 mesh at 5 tons per hour. Further classification occurs when the salt from the third deck is used as in-put for the three deck, 48 inch separator .


The screening action is gentle. The separating pattern on the screen effectively removes undersize material from each desired fraction. There is no blinding with near size material or packed extra fine dust. The separators operate 24 hours per day, seven days per week with minimal operator attention. Despite the somewhat corrosive nature of the material being handled, maintenance is nil.


Dry Classification: plastic pellets and resins, detergents, caustic soda, instant coffee, dried milk, sugar, salt, potato products, cheese, bread crumbs.

Solid Liquid Separation: curd from whey, gluten from wheat starch, clarification of cannery waste water, packing house waste water, pulp mill waste, paint,
chocolate liquor, citrus juices.

Kason Separators Classify Evaporator and Fuses Salts at Canadian Salt Company

This 72 in. diameter Kason separator screens crushed fused salt from new thermal process

Kason Separators Classify Evaporator and Fuses Salts at Canadian Salt Company

These two 48 in. separators operating in series in Lindbergh, simultaneously screen six grades of fused salt.