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Kason Laboratory Takes Guesswork Out Of Specifying

The pressures to "make the right decision" regarding capital improvements are so great today that there's no room for guessing. Kason recognizes this fact of life and has equipped its laboratory for testing virtually any type of material with Kason separation equipment.

In a previous issue we described our new "Blo-Thru" test loop for studying the feasibility of sifting/scalping with low density pressure or vacuum pneumatic conveying systems. Since that article appeared, we've added more pressure sensors to provide more comprehensive data on what's happening inside the loop.

The Kason Lab also permits product testing on standard VIBROSCREEN circular screen separators, CENTRI-SIFTER centrifugal sifters, CROSS-FLO static sieves and Kason Drum Sifters, designed specifically for intermittent separation. The laboratory also facilitates testing innovative new equipment and designs.

Kason has been helping customers determine the feasibility of separating, scalping, dedusting, or classifying a wide variety of solids as well as clarifying or dewatering solids from liquids since 1967. The laboratory used for this purpose is staffed with experienced professional personnel who provide data on the results of their tests and recommendations tailored for the customer's specific process requirements. Performance reports to help you determine the most cost effective and efficient equipment for the material and system requirements can be furnished in 48 hours.

Glass powder, bauxite, foods of all types, pharmaceutical products, minerals, numerous plastic resins and much more have been tested in the lab. Test arrangements are simple. All it takes is a phone call or an email and a shipment of a 55-gallon drum of sample material. Our test engineers can then have your performance report available in as quickly as two business days.

The Kason test lab contains equipment for measuring the angle of repose, for ensuring that combinations of dissimilarly sized materials are completely mixed before testing begins, and for providing complete particle size distribution analysis.

Two CENTRI-SIFTER centrifugal sifters are available for use in the test lab. These are used for a variety of dry powders and granular materials, especially those that are likely to blind because of static. A self-purging trash trap fits into one of the CENTRI-SIFTERS, enabling it to expel trash from the machine in cases where the material contains a small percentage of greatly oversize materials. The new CENTRI-SIFTER with independent integral feed control is available for customers who must install both a controller and sifter into a limited space.

Three laboratory VIBROSCREEN circular vibratory screen separators with a wide variety of frame configurations are available for testing. These are used for up to six separations from 45 microns to two inches. Experience has shown that the VIBROSCREEN easily handles wet materials, including wastewater, as well as dry materials. Also, there is a portable drum sifter in the test lab for customers needing low cost simple single fraction separations. Appropriately sized anti-blinding devices are used for materials that tend to blind. During test procedures, Kleen Screen Rings, Kleen Sweep wipers, Four-Finger Flex-Sweep TM wipers, and ball trays can be used to determine which will best counteract blinding. Occasionally, material will be tested in both a VIBROSCREEN and CENTRI-SIFTER to see which will give the best pounds per hour of product per dollar of capital investment.

The Kason CROSS-FLO sieve in the lab is specifically designed for testing separation of materials suspended in liquid. Because its screen deck slope can be adjusted, the CROSS-FLO sieve is suitable for a wide variety of wastewaters from tanneries, food manufacturing and beverage processing, laundries, canneries, pulp mills and other industries.

In addition to all of the separation equipment, Kason maintains a library of tested materials. If the sample you send for testing is the same as one on hand, results can be transmitted immediately. Here is a quick review of some of the materials already tested: thermoplastic and thermosetting powdered resins, rubber, sugar, flour, malt seeds, meat meal, glass beads, dyes, aluminum, lead oxide, ink, herbicide, baby formula, cat litter, laundry detergent, wood chips, blue sand, octamine, and numerous other materials.

To ensure that you get a comprehensive meaningful report, we provide detailed information on the characteristics of the material tested and the equipment used. For the materials report, bulk density, specific gravity, angle of repose, particle size distribution, blinding tendency, fluidizing tendency, physical characteristics, and percentage free moisture are given. Liquids are similarly characterized, viscosity is recorded and the percentage of solids by weight and volume is calculated.

When the VIBROSCREEN is used for separation, the type of frame, screen mesh size(s) used, motor speed, additional weight plates and lead angle, length of test run, feed rate, and type of anti-blinding device are described. Motor amps and volts as well as horizontal and vertical amplitude values are recorded.

The report on the use of the CENTRI-SIFTER includes data on the type and mesh size screen used, rotor speed, and whether an over end baffle plate or brushes were used. Feed rate, weight of overs and throughs, rates of throughs and overs as well as motor volts and amps are recorded.

All of this data, and our recommendations are included in the report to help you make the most informed decision possible. In many cases the results obtained are right on target with requirements, and customers order the equipment that was used for testing. Kason is proud of the performance of its separating equipment and one of the reasons for this performance record is the combination of thorough testing in our lab and our 30 years of field experience.

Screen Tips - Volume 3, Number 3 Fall 1988


Kason Laboratory Takes Guesswork Out Of Specifying
The CENTRI-SIFTER centrifugal sifter is used for testing with a wide variety of dry materials and granular products, especially those that are likely to create static during sifting.


Kason Laboratory Takes Guesswork Out Of Specifying
One of the many VIBROSCREEN units used for testing in Kason's Laboratory. Test results can be forwarded to customers within 48 hours of receipt of a 55-gallon drum of the material to be tested.