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J. J. Cassone Bakery

Baker Reclaims Corn Meal and Poppy Seeds

Reprinted from Baking Industry

Port Chester, NY — At J. J. Cassone Bakery, separating and reclaiming poppy seeds from corn meal, used in the production of Vienna and poppy seed rolls, formerly required 8 hours. One man spent 8 hours sifting the mixture by hand. Although the two ingredients are separate to begin with, they do not remain that way. Poppy seeds that fail to remain on the top of rolls fall to tables, boards, racks, and pans and become mixed with excess corn meal.

After installation of a two-deck 30" diameter circular vibrating screen separator, separation takes only 2 hours. Basic principle of the separator is a three-dimensional inertial vibratory motion imparted by upper and lower eccentric weights.

A 16-mesh top screen removes undesirable pieces of dough, bread and roll, allowing corn meal/poppy seed mixture to pass through. A second screen of 28 mesh retains poppy seeds that are directed to intermediate discharge spout, while smaller sized corn meal passes through screen and is expelled at fines discharge spout.

The circular type vibratory screen was selected because space requirements were minimal, there is less maintenance, operation is quieter and capital outlay is smaller. Screen material is specified in type 316 stainless steel to provide corrosion resistance and meet all local and FDA food handling requirements. Screen assembly is isolated from base by stainless steel support strings attached to rubber mounts, and vibration is not transmitted to floor. Can be set on dolly without any need to block wheels making unit portable.

Baker reclaims corn meal/poppy seeds

Reclaiming hundreds of pounds per week of seeds by sifting makes for good housekeeping and good economies, with corn meal and poppy seeds going for 10¢ and 50¢ per pound respectively.

Work is now done by machine in two hours with 75% reduction in overhead, and screener has not required any service in the two years it's been in use.

Baker reclaims corn meal/poppy seeds

Two-deck separator being used to separate poppy seeds from corn meal.