VIBRO-BEDTM Typical Systems


Granulizing-Drying System

Kason's Granulizing-Drying System, consisting of a centrifugal sifter, a spheroidizer, a circular fluid bed dryer, and a vibratory screener, converts non-flowing moist solids discharged from cartridge and vacuum filters, filter presses, mixers and other equipment into uniform, compact, dry, de-dusted, free-flowing granules ready for storage, shipping, packaging or secondary processing.

A CENTRI-SIFTER® centrifugal sifter uses rotating helical paddles to break-up lumps and drive non-flowing materials through apertures in a horizontal screen cylinder, producing moist pellets continuously, at high rates. The unit handles smooth, lumpy, sticky and otherwise difficult-to-handle materials, and is more productive, compact and economical than screw-type extruders.

Moist pellets are discharged into a patented Kason Spheroidizer that utilizes vibratory energy to produce high-strength, uniform, spherical particles. The size, uniformity and density of the finished product are varied by adjusting amplitude and frequency of vibration, and the number and slope of agglomerating cones. Binder powder may be applied prior to entering the unit, or with internal spray nozzles.

Spherical, moist particles are conveyed into a Circular Vibratory Fluid Bed Dryer that vibrates and dries the particles on a perforated screen within a rising column of heated air on a first-in-first-out basis. The circular design yields greater efficiency and economy, and is easier to clean than conventional rectangular fluid bed dryers. The quick-disconnect housing requires only one air inlet and outlet, and is inherently rigid, allowing materials to be down-gauged, vibratory motors to be down-sized, and associated components to be eliminated.

Dried particles are then discharged into a VIBROSCREEN® vibratory screener that employs an upper screening deck to gently remove any oversize particles, and a lower deck to remove undersize (dust) particles to be re-processed, on a batch or continuous basis. Low-profile designs are available for areas with limited headroom. Options are available for rapid screen changes and fast, thorough wash down.

The equipment is available to industrial, 3-A, FDA, USDA, BISSC and other sanitary standards, as individual components or complete, automated and integrated systems tailored to small- to large-scale granulizing applications in the chemical, food and pharmaceutical industries.

Granulizing-Drying System

Granulizing-Drying System