VIBRO-BEDTM Safety and Installation

Safety Note Concerning High Surface Temperatures

Important Safety Information:

Proper installation, maintenance and safe operation procedures are the responsibility of the purchaser. To ensure personal safety, all persons who use or service this equipment must read and understand this manual before operation or performing maintenance. Should you have any questions, comments or suggestions concerning this manual, please contact us.

Safety Note Concerning High Surface Temperatures:

Note that while in operation and for some time thereafter, the system surfaces can reach very high temperatures. DO NOT TOUCH THE SURFACES of the cyclone, fluid bed processor, heater or connecting piping until they have had ample time to cool.

Due to the high temperature of the heater surfaces, it must not be installed in the vicinity of flammable or ignitable materials. If applicable, the heater must be appropriately

insulated to protect passerby and/or operation and maintenance personnel. The heater guard has safety labels to warn operators of the high temperatures. Should these labels become worn or defaced, please contact Kason for replacements.



For heater controls and adjustments, please refer to the "control panel" section of the manual.


High Surface Temperature Warning