VIBROSCREEN® Circular Vibratory Screeners and Separators


Portable Batch Sifter

This lightweight Batch Sifter variant of Kason's "FLO-THRU" VIBROSCREEN separator line scalps oversize particles from small batches of bulk material being loaded into drums, blenders, other process equipment and storage vessels.

The units are offered in diameters of 18, 24 and 30 in. (450, 600 and 750 mm), with a single imbalanced-weight gyratory motor, minimizing weight for easy repositioning while providing ample capacity for typical batch requirements.

Optional on all models are caster-mounted stands for in-plant mobility.

Kason FLO-THRU separators are characterized by externally mounted, single or twin gyratory motors that allow low profile configurations needed for limited headroom areas or, in the case of manual dumping, reduced lifting effort.

All Batch Sifter units are constructed of stainless steel and finished to worldwide standards for industrial, food, dairy or pharmaceutical applications.

The gyratory motor imparts multi-plane inertial vibration to the spring-mounted screening deck. On-size particles pass rapidly through the screen in a vertical discharge path at higher rates than with circular screeners having centrally mounted gyratory motors and horizontal discharge paths. Any oversize material can be removed manually or with a vacuum.