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Gap-Free close-up

This Kason Gap-Free option features an interlocking flange between screen frames that protrudes from the external side of the frame to fully envelop the circular support ring of the internal screens. This enables the mesh of the screen to fully extend to the walls of the frame, eliminating the gap between the screen ring and frame wall of conventional screeners where material typically collects.

Food Processing Machinery Association cGMP United States Department of Agriculture 3-A Sanitary Standards
U.S. Food and Drug Administration Baking Industry Sanitation Standards Committee CE ATEX

VIBROSCREEN® Available Designs

Sanitary Vibratory Screeners

For food, dairy, pharmaceutical and other contamination-sensitive applications

Designs for Sanitary Applications

All VIBROSCREEN® circular vibratory screeners from 18 to 100 in. (460 to 2540 mm) in diameter are available designed, constructed and finished to industrial, food, dairy and pharmaceutical standards including FDA, 3-A, USDA, BISSC and others. Sanitary screeners generally incorporate rounded corners, continuous ground and polished welds, domed lids, quick-release "U" clamps, and 4-post open bases with stainless steel motor enclosures allowing thorough wash down of the underside and plant floor. Sanitary screeners generally offer one or more of the following features:

Pharmaceutical/Sanitary Sifters Pharmaceutical/
Sanitary Sifters
'Air-Lift' Quick Clean/Change Screeners "Air-Lift" Quick Clean/
Change Screeners
Clamshell Quick Clean/Change Screeners Clamshell Quick Clean/Change Screeners
'Air-Lift' Quick Screen Change System Ultra-Sanitary,
Gap-Free Screener
Ultra-Sanitary Batch Sifter Ultra-Sanitary
Batch Sifter
Sanitary, Gap-Free Batch Sifter Sanitary, Gap-Free
Batch Sifter
Ultra-Sanitary, Double-Deck Screener Ultra-Sanitary,
Double-Deck Screener
Gap-Free, Low-Profile Sifter Gap-Free,
Low-Profile Sifter
Suspension-Mount, Low-Profile, Sanitary Screener Suspension-Mount,
Sanitary Screener
Sanitary, Low-Profile Sifter Sanitary,
Low-Profile Sifter
Sanitary Vibratory Classifier Sanitary Vibratory
Gap-Free Sanitary Screener Gap-Free Sanitary Screener
Extra Low Profile Sanitary Sifter Extra Low Profile
Sanitary Sifter
Clean-In-Place Sanitary Two-Deck Screener Clean-In-Place Sanitary Two-Deck Screener Ultrasonic Sanitary Screener Ultrasonic Sanitary Screener