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Vibration Amplitude Gauge Help Maximize Efficiency

Getting more from what you have appears to be the current trend in the field of separation. Maximizing production efficiency is extremely crucial in today's competitive market. Fortunately, production can often be increased without extensive capital equipment investment. One way is to improve operating efficiency.

One new development that demonstrates this trend is a simple monitoring device that permits plant engineers to accurately measure the horizontal and vertical stroke of circular screen type separators in service. It will also indicate if anybody has tampered with the separator since that last time it was checked. Surprisingly, this device costs nothing.

Since variations in the adjustable top and bottom weights on circular vibrating separators significantly affects operating conditions, Kason Corporation has developed a simple stick-on amplitude gauge that lets the user know exactly how his equipment is operating.

Although it's furnished as standard equipment with the Kason VIBROSCREEN®, the gauge is equally effective on all similar type circular vibratory screen machines and is available at no charge to all who request it. The user simply attaches this self-stick gauge on any vertical surface of the vibrating frame of the machine. By observing where the sloped lines appear to intersect the vertical and horizontal axes, the gauge gives a direct reading of both vertical and horizontal motion. Once your separator is vibrating to your requirements and operating at the capacity you need, all it takes is periodic checking to ensure that there has been no shifting of the weights or tampering.

The gauge is also helpful when starting a new separator. The weights can be located in various positions, and the results can be observed and recorded, enabling the technician to find the best positions for the weights in a methodical and efficient way.

Screen Tips - Volume 2, Number 1 Feb 1987

Vibration Amplitude Gauge Help Maximize Efficiency
Action photo of Kason separator clearly shows an apparent intersection of the sloped lines with the vertical and horizontal axes, providing direct measurement of the amplitude of vibration.