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Cow & Gate Dairy

Kason Saves Cow and Gate up to $3/hour in Cheddar Cheese Making Operation

"We are extremely pleased with the 48 inch model recently installed and can highly recommend it for its present application," says A. M. Chapman, production Manager for Cow & Gate."


At the Cow & Gate Dairy at Ganonoque, Ontario, edible curd solids were being lost "down the drain" by a batch type cream recovery centrifuge unable to cope with the high curd content in the whey it processed. The solids would build up in the disc stacks and sludge spaces, not only wasting valuable material, but also resulting in poor centrifuge performance, as seen by high fat losses as well as expensive operator and maintenance time required for the frequent dismantling and cleaning of the centrifuge. Clearly, the way to eliminate these problems was to clarify the whey prior to its passage to the centrifuge.


A 48" stainless steel vibratory screen separator by Kason was installed ahead of the cream separator. It receives the whey/curd mixture on a continuous basis, and separates from 70 to 90% of the fine suspended curds. The clarified whey is processed by the centrifuge at higher separating efficiencies and less downtime. The curd fines are collected and returned to the cheese vats.


Cow & Gate's pre-removal of curd fines by the Kason unit recovers an average of 12 Ibs. of edible curds in every 80,000 lbs. of curd/whey mixture processed. This was formerly wasted by being passed to the centrifuge. When the screen separator is running at its design capacity of 45,000 Ibs./hr ., the savings are estimated at $3/hr. Equally important, curd buildup in the centrifuge now is negligible. Downtime for cleaning thus has been virtually eliminated, and since operator attention is no longer needed, the dairy has reassigned the operator to more productive work.


Solids/Liquid Separation: bagasse fro sugar melt, casein curd from whey, protein particles from yeast slurry, coo fiber from starch slurry, gluten fro wheat starch; de-watering of fruits and vegetable; spent coffee grounds, potato slices, instant rice, tuna ; clarifying chocolate liquor, french fry oil, molasses, caustic bottle wash, apple or citrus juices prior to filtration. Dry Separation recovery of rice from hulls, coffee beans from chaff. Dry Classification pea grading, instant coffee powdered ground coffees, dried milk, sugar, salts, starches, spices, nuts, rebolting flour , potato powder and flakes, powder eggs, candies, powdered cheese, bread crumbs.

Kason Saves Cow and Gate up to $3/hour in Cheddar Cheese Making Operation

Kason Saves Cow and Gate up to $3/hour in Cheddar Cheese Making Operation