Tensioning CENTRI-SIFTER Screens

Recently, we've found that some CENTRI-SIFTER Centrifugal Sifter users who rely on nylon screens could achieve better tension control over their screens by using our tensioning device. Screen installation consists of sliding the non-corded end of the screen over the ring near the basket center, positioning the seam under the strut, locating the clamping ring over the end of the screen so it is perpendicular around the ring to the axis of the screen basket and tightening it. With the end clamp ring around the screen but toward the basket center. One slides the corded end over the basket ring near the feed end and slides the clamp ring up into position to be tightened.

Then. take the positioning device, center the disc on the feed end of the screen basket, refit the devices arms to engage them over the corded edge, and turn the tensioning screw in a clockwise direction. Though this device is suitable for a wide range of mesh sizes, care must be taken with the finer mesh sizes. The screen should be taut enough so it does not bulge which would allow it to touch the struts during operation. An attempt to push the screen into touching the strut should be met with appreciable resistance. When the correct tension is achieved, slide the clamp ring into position near the cording and tighten it. Turn the tensioning device tightening screw counterclockwise at least two turns, disengage the arms and remove it. Repeat this procedure at the other end of the screen basket if it takes two

These procedures are clearly shown and described on our videotape which complements the instruction manual. The important concept to keep in mind is that properly tensioned screens give long life and prevent unanticipated down time during sifting.

Kason employee Moustapha N'Jaye turns the tension screw of the Kason CENTRI-SIFTER screen tensioning device until the screen becomes taut. An attempt to push the screen into touching the strut should be met with appreciable resistance.

Screen Tips - Volume 8, Number 3 1993