Clarification of Paint and Other Protective Coatings


The presence of undesirable insoluble impurities or oversize pigment agglomerates is a characteristic of many natural and synthetic gums, resins and pigments used as surface coating ingredients. An additional amount of contamination incidental to normal plant operation is frequently introduced into the product. In this highly competitive field, Kason Separators equipped with fine screen cloths are used to remove contaminating solids from shellac and a wide variety of paints including alkyd, latex and water base types; high gloss enamels; aluminum pastes, etc.


Clarification is normally the last step prior to filling and Kasons may be gravity or pump fed directly from dispersing units or intermediate storage tanks. Most finishes require single deck machines, but some specialties such as aluminum paste are screened on double deck Separators to simultaneously produce two grades. Aluminum paste, particularly when used in automobile finishes, requires removal of oversize solids (referred to as "seed") at 325 mesh. Several users employ 48" diameter Kasons on this application, the top deck equipped with screens ranging from 80 to 200 mesh and the bottom with 325 mesh. Oversize aluminum flake particles are continuously discharged by the screen from this mineral spirit slurry. To exemplify capacity the clarification of traffic paint can be cited. Vehicle is medium alkyd with 28% phthalic anhydride; 57% pigment by volume; viscosity 90 (Krebs Units} and Hegman grind 3. Finished paint is clarified using a 100 mesh screen cloth ( opening 0.0055") and the Kason is rated at a capacity of 10 gallons/min./ square foot of screen cloth. Models are available that will allow for filling 45 gallon drums in times ranging from 20 seconds to 5 minutes.


1. The Kason's unique 3 dimensional motion allows it to clarify nearly every type of finish made to-day at high production rates using screens down to 325 mesh.

2. Kasons are specifically designed for paint plant practice and include such features as solvent resisting gaskets, explosion-proof electrics, portable stands to allow for clarification at the filling station, etc.

3. A screen cloth can be changed in 15 minutes or lees and the entire unit is desired for quick and thorough clean-out between batches.


  • Single or double deck Kasons, as required.
  • Stainless steel construction for ease of cleaning and stainless steel or nylon screen cloth to suit finishes being handled.
  • Totally enclosed or explosion-proof motor and wiring to meet all necessary insurance requirement.
  • Stationary or portable Models.

Kason Application Data No: 9