Classification of Pellets and Crumbles in the Production of Animal Feed


Poultry, livestock and pet foods are essentially a mixture of cereal grains, meat and fish meals, fat, minerals and vitamins. After thorough mixing, formulas are pelleted to a range of sizes designed for specific animal feeds. Bulk density ranges from 15 to 45 pounds per cubic foot. Crumbles are produced by breaking pellets in roll mills giving a dense product. Pellets and crumbles are formed closed circuit with Kason Separators to assure a final product free of oversize and fines. Most frequently pellets and crumbles are produced at different times.


A 3-deck Kason is the most widely used model. A 1/2" clear opening top screen removes pellet agglomerates and foreign material that only amount to a trace of the feed. The middle screen is selected to meet pellet size requirement and most frequently is 5 mesh ( opening 0.159") –1/2" + 5 mesh may be finished pellets or recycle to roll mills when crumbles are being produced. The bottom screen is most frequently 12 mesh (opening 0.060") and serves to separate fines from finished crumbles ( -5 + 12 mesh ) for recycle to the pellet mill. 4-deck models are also used and by exterior chute diversion the unit will produce pellets and two different crumble grades without necessitating screen cloth change. Capacity is dependent upon product specification but normally a 48" diameter Kason will match the output of a 100 H.P. mill on straight pellet production.


1. A large number of installations have proven that the Kason has higher capacity per square foot of screen cloth (up to 2 tons per hr. per sq. ft.) than any other type of vibrating screen on this application.

2. Kasons require virtually no attendance since they operate free of "blinding" even on high fat formulas.

3. The Kason's gentle but positive screening action does not contribute to breakage of fragile pellets and crumbles. The same feature results in a dust free installation even though most units are operated without covers.

4. The product range is large in animal feed production and the fact that a screen can be changed in 15 minutes or less allows the user to meet customer's requirements with minimal down time.


  • Double, triple or four deck Kasons, as required.
  • Epoxy coated carbon steel construction with stainless steel screen cloths.
  • Oversize and fines removal requires single standard discharge spouts. Pellets and crumbles are discharged through double oversize discharge spouts

Kason Application Data No: 7