"Scalping" Mash in the Production of Animal Feed


Producers of poultry and livestock feeds frequently receive cereal grains such as oats, barley, wheat, corn, etc. in bulk shipments, and removal of contaminants is desired prior to placing these ingredients in storage silos. Many producers take the added precaution of screening the finished product before the bagging operation. As the mill processes the cereal grains with additives to produce a finished feed mash traces of impurity such as paper labels, etc. may be accidentally incorporated. Kason Separators are widely used on both of these applications.


Single deck 48" diameter Kasons are used with screens having openings from 1/3 to 3/4" depending upon the individual mill's requirements. The quantity of oversize removed is extremely small but the unit will accept feed rates of up to 60 tons per hour, the exact capacity being related to bulk density of the feed being handled. The product discharge frame is equipped with special discharge spouts designed specifically to handle this high flow rate. On final mash "scalping" a Kason is frequently installed directly above automatic weigh scales.


1. Even though the screening application de. scribed here is extremely simple the capacity obtained (up to 5 tons per hr. per sq. ft.) is significantly higher than that possible on other types of vibrating screens. Impurities are rejected completely free of product.

2. Installation above automatic bagging machines frequently requires minimum head room and it is only necessary to have 3 ft. to install a Kason.

3. Many feed mills are of simple wooden construction and the Kason's light weight ( approximately 650 pounds ) and complete absence of transmitted vibration allows for simple installation without special foundation requirement.

4. Stainless steel screen cloth is used and since the method of mounting eliminates wire flexing or other forms of mechanical damage, replacement is infrequent and the cost of operating the machine negligible.


  • Single deck Kason.
  • Epoxy coated carbon steel construction with stainless steel screen cloth.
  • Single standard spout for impurity discharge and special product discharge spouts designed to meet individual mill requirement.

Kason Application Data No: 6