Circular Vibratory Screeners Separators

Circular Vibratory Screeners
and Separators

VIBROSCREEN Screeners offer multiple decks for precise separations from 2 inches to 37 microns. Models from 18-100 inches (460-2540 mm) in diameter handle bulk solids, slurries or powders of various consistencies at controlled feed rates. Ideal for batch or continuous screening or scalping, including in-line with pneumatic conveying system.

Centrifugal Sifters and Separators

High Capacity Sifters
and Separators

CENTRI-SIFTER Separators feature rotating helical paddles to gently propel dry or moist materials — even those that tend to agglomerate — through apertures in monofilament, woven or stainless wedgewire cylindrical screens. Single and twin configurations dust-free, and sanitary designs. De-lumping capability. Compatible with dilute phase pneumatic conveying systems.

Fluid Bed Dryers Coolers

Circular Vibratory
Fluid Bed Processors

VIBRO-BED Fluid Bed Processors provide high efficiency drying, cooling or moisturizing of foods, chemicals and other bulk solids. Available in diameters from 18-84 inches (460-2133 mm), as individual units or complete systems. Precise control of all processing variables. Sanitary construction — easy to clean and maintain.

Static Sieves Screeners Separators

High Capacity Static Sieve
Screeners and Separators

CROSS-FLO Static Sieves are offered in models for removing oversize particles of .25 to 3 in. (6 to 76 mm) in diameter from dry bulk solids or from liquids/ slurries at ultra-high rates. Widely used for scalping of coarse dry solids, and for continuous clarification/ dewatering of chemical, food, mining, pulp/ paper and industrial/ municipal waste streams.

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