Largest Australian Screener at Cargill Beef

At 84 in. (2134 mm) in diameter, this Kason model K84-1-SS (foreground) is reportedly the largest circular screener made in Australia.


Largest Australian Screener at Cargill Beef

TAMWORTH, AUS — Cargill Beef Australia began screening meat meal at its Tamworth plant using the largest circular vibratory screen separator manufactured in Australia, according to Tim Mellor, sales & product manager for Rendertech Ltd. of Chelsea, Victoria, licensee of Kason Corporation.

The screener is a stainless steel 84 in. (2134 mm) diameter Kason

Vibroscreen® model K84-1-SS equipped with a 3 hp (2.2 kW) unbalanced weight gyratory motor, stainless steel screen with .09 in. (2.2 mm) apertures, ball tray anti-blinding device and dust cover.

According to Bruce Collier, Cargill's rendering supervisor, the unit has a throughput of 2 to 3.5 tons of meat meal per hour and is installed adjacent to a 60 in. (1524 mm) Kason

Vibroscreen model K60-1-SS that screens fines from tallow. The smaller unit is equipped with a .017 in. (0.42 mm) aperture screen, Kleen Screen anti-blinding rings, splash cover and 2.5 hp (1.85 kW) gyratory motor.