VIBRO-BEDTM Safety and Installation


Kason Vibratory Fluid Bed Processors are ideal for drying, cooling, or moisturizing a wide range of chemical, food or pharmaceutical products with improved heat transfer efficiency. Their principle of operation relies on vibratory motion to fluidize the product. In doing so, these units effectively cool, dry or moisturize the product using low superficial air velocity and attaining high heat transfer coefficients. Designed to easily accommodate sanitary specifications, these systems occupy a small footprint. They are pre-engineered for your application and some can be delivered ready for processing, complete with auxiliary components mounted on a skid, pre-piped and pre-wired.

Important Safety Information:

Proper installation, maintenance and safe operation procedures are the responsibility of the purchaser. To ensure personal safety, all person who use or service this equipment must read and understand the manual before operation or performing maintenance. Should you have any questions, comments or suggestion concerning this manual, please contact us at


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Note that while in operation and for some time thereafter, the system surfaces can reach very high temperatures. DO NOT TOUCH THE SURFACES of the system components or connecting piping until they have had ample time to cool.

In addition, when handling combustible materials, it is recommended that you mount a fire extinguisher in a readily accessible location, perhaps on the dryer's support structure, or on a nearby wall.

Please refer elsewhere in this manual to the instruction manuals covering the individual components of your system for further important safety information.