VIBROSCREEN® Circular Vibratory Screeners and Separators


Sanitary Vibratory Classifier Separates
into Three Fractions

This Vibroscreen® Two-Deck Sanitary Classifier separates up to six tons per hour of bulk solid material into three fractions.

Measuring 30 in. (762 mm) in diameter, it classifies bulk chemicals, minerals, plastics, foods, dairy products, pharmaceuticals and other materials ranging from dry bulk solids to solids-laden slurries.

It is constructed of stainless steel with ground and polished welds, and equipped with sanitary epoxy-mounted screens. Quick-disconnect clamps between each screen frame provide rapid interior access for inspection, screen changes and wash down. An optional Air-Lift device pneumatically raises any of the screen frames, enabling one operator to rapidly perform what was previously a two-person task.

The dust-tight, gravity-fed unit contains two horizontal screens located one above the other in a vertical, cylindrical housing supported on a circular base by rugged springs. An imbalanced weight gyratory motor affixed to the housing imparts vibration.

Material to be separated is fed onto the center of the top screen, whose mesh is the largest. Oversize particles are moved to the screen periphery in a spiral pathway, and discharged through an extended spout, while the balance of material passes through the screen, onto the center of the next screen. In similar manner, on-size particles are moved to the periphery of the second screen and through another extended spout, while undersize particles pass through the screen onto a chute and through the third extended discharge spout.

The unit can operate on a batch or continuous basis, and is equipped with sanitary anti-blinding ball tray assemblies under both screen decks to dislodge near-size particles from screen apertures.

Other options include Clean In Place (CIP) spray nozzles and automatic lubrication systems.

The classifier is also offered in diameters from 18 to 100 in. (460 to 2540 mm), and is available to 3-A, FDA, BISSC and other sanitary standards, as well as to UL, ATEX, CSA and CE electrical standards.