VIBROSCREEN® Circular Vibratory Screeners and Separators


"External KASCADE" High Capacity Screeners

This Kason circular vibratory screener features an "External Kascade" deck intended for screening of wet or dry bulk materials containing a large percentage of oversize fractions, at higher rates than attainable with conventional screeners.

By discharging oversize particles 360° around the periphery of a circular screening deck, the screener increases capacity, improves efficiency, minimizes screen blinding and prolongs screen life.

As material is fed onto the center of the screening deck, on-size particles pass through the screen and funnel through a lower discharge chute. Oversize particles flow outward in a spiral pattern, and cascade at any point over the periphery of the circular screen onto a spiral vibratory trough that directs the material into a high capacity discharge spout.

Allowing oversize particles to cascade 360° around the screen's periphery, instead of through a 15° to 25° opening created by a conventional discharge spout, eliminates a discharge capacity restriction associated with overs building up around the screen circumference.

The special screening deck is offered on any of the Kason's Vibroscreen® separators ranging from 40 to 72 in. (1016 to 1829 mm) in diameter, and is available as a retrofit kit for any make of circular vibratory screener.

A range of accessories is available including clean-in-place spray heads, anti-blinding devices, articulated lids for rapid screen changes, and an automatic long-term lubrication system for gyratory motor bearings.


"External Kascade" deck of 60 in. (1524 mm) diameter Vibroscreen® separator (shown with lid removed) allows large percentages of oversize particles to cascade 360° around the screen periphery, eliminating a capacity restriction associated with conventional discharge spouts.