VIBROSCREEN® Circular Vibratory Screeners and Separators


Kascade Series, Internal Recycle VIBROSCREEN® High-Capacity, Multi-Stage, Single-Cut Screener

This "Three-Stage Kascade" Internal Recycle VIBROSCREEN® separator offers 120 to 160 percent higher scalping or dedusting capacity than conventional screeners of equivalent diameter.

It contains three screens of equal mesh; a bottom screening deck configured with a conventional discharge spout at its periphery, and two upper screening decks configured with 360° annular gaps at their periphery.

Maximum capacity is achieved by feeding the top deck with significantly more material than it can screen efficiently, with three results: 1. A portion of on-size material passes through the screen to a central discharge chute, while the balance of fine material plus all oversize material cascades over the screen's periphery onto a "feed tray" that directs it to center of a second screening deck. 2. In the same manner, a portion of fine material passes through the second screen into the central discharge chute, while the balance of fine material plus all oversize material cascades over that screen's periphery and passes through a feed tray onto the center of a third screen. 3. The remaining fine material passes through the bottom screen to a common discharge outlet, while all oversize material is ejected through a common discharge spout at the lower screen's periphery.

Kascade Internal Recycle Series screeners are specified as new for applications where space is restricted since diameters are significantly smaller than those of conventional screeners having equivalent capacity, or as on-site retrofit kits to increase the capacity and efficiency (minimized "carry-over" and ejection of on-size material) of existing screeners at substantially lower cost than purchasing new equipment.

Kascade Series Internal Recycle machines are offered in diameters from 40 to 100 inches (1025 to 2550 mm) to scalp, dedust and/or classify up to 100 U.S. tons (91 metric tons) of free-flowing bulk material per hour.

All models are available to industrial, food, dairy and pharmaceutical standards, and can be disassembled rapidly for thorough wash-down.

A range of accessories is available including clean-in-place spray heads, anti-blinding devices, quick-release clamshell lids for rapid screen changes, and an automatic long-term lubrication system for gyratory motor bearings.


Internal Recycle High-Capacity, Multi-Stage, Single-Cut Screener