CENTRI-SIFTERTM Centrifugal Sifters and Separators


Low Profile, Centrifugal Bag Dump Sifter

Kason's Low Profile CENTRI-SIFTER™ Centrifugal Sifter with Integral Bag Dump Station removes oversize contaminants and de-lumps manually dumped bulk materials.

Configured for installation on a mezzanine, the system gravity-discharges into process equipment, and affords a sufficiently low deck height for operators to dump sacks and other containers.

Centrifugal action created by rotating helical paddles accelerates the rate at which on-size particles pass through a horizontal screen cylinder while de-lumping soft agglomerates. Oversize material is propelled through the downstream end of the screen cylinder to a discharge spout.

The Bag Dump Screener is constructed of stainless steel and finished to industrial, food, 3-A dairy, and pharmaceutical standards.
It is also offered with an integral dust collector to protect the operator and plant environment against dust contamination.

  • Integral feeder Sanitary (3-A, FDA, BISSC)

Low Profile, Centrifugal Bag Dump Sifter