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Kason Centri-Sifter at PTX South 2008
Interview with Brian Sirak of Kason Corporation, live at the PTX South Show in Charlotte, NC. The Kason Centri-Sifter is a versatile, high capacity, compact and economical centrifugal sifter used for screening a wide variety of powders or granular materials, including chemicals, plastics and resins, foods, dairy products, pharmaceuticals and biologicals. This equipment is the ideal choice for continuous scalping of dry or moist materials, even those that tend to ball or agglomerate as these units delump and deagglomerate while screening.


Processing Videos

Kason Test Lab: Screening at 20 mesh

Kason Test Lab: Dewatering of micropellets

Kason Test Lab: Grain Screening

Kason Test Lab: Centri-Sifter & Vibroscreen Rice/Bran Mixture

Kason Test Lab: Centri-Sifter Dewatering

Kason Test Lab: Snacks Screening

Kason High Efficiency Vibroscreen Separator

Vibroscreen Pellet Screening

Kason Fluid Bed Dryer

Before & After Upgrading to a Kason Vibroscreen

Kason Cross-Flo Static Dewatering Sieve

Kason Flo-Thru Sifter

Heating Sand on a Kason Fluid Bed Processor

Kason Cross-Flo Static Sieve

Product Videos

Kason Exhibit at 2012 Powder Show

Kason Corporation at PTXi 2012

Kason Corporation at PTXi 2012

Kason Fluid Bed Processor

Kason Low Profile Flo-Thru Sifter

Kason Ultra Sanitary Batch Sifter

Kason Clamshell Quick Screen Change Feature

Kason Air-Lift Quick-Clean Screen Change System

Kason Bag Dump Screener

Kason Quick-Clean Cantilever Centri-Sifter (Short Version)

Kason Quick-Clean Cantilever Shaft Centri-Sifter

Kason Model YOB-SS Quick-Clean Centri-Sifter

Kason fluid bed dryers, coolers, and moisturizers at PTXi 2008

Kason Centri-Sifter at PTX South 2008

Quick-Clean Centrifugal Screener

Air-Lift, Quick Screen Change System

Demonstration of KASONIC Ultrasonic Anti-Binding Device

Kason Corporation at PTXi 2010
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