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CH-298 The New Jersey Aquaculture Innovation Center at Rutgers University (AIC)
Rutgers Aquaculture Innovation Center Switches to Vibratory Screening of Oysters
CH-297 B Green Group
Centrifugal Screener Helps Convert Cooking Waste into Biofuel
CH-296 Ostara Nutrient Recovery Technologies Inc.
Wastewater Converted to Eco-Friendly Fertilizer with Help of Dewatering, Classifying Screeners
CH-295 PURR-fect Solutions, LLC
Circular Fluid Bed Drying of Eco-Friendly Kitty Litter
CH-294 Gourmet Baker
Major Canadian Bakery Standardizes on Centrifugal Sifter for Large-Scale Screening of Flour
CH-293 Clam Daddys
Vibratory Screener Helps Raise Little Neck Clams
CH-292 Summit Custom Spray Drying
Spray Drying and Screening of Foods, Pharmaceuticals, Nutraceuticals
CH-291 Canada Bread Atlantic
Canada Bread Atlantic Boosts Output, Cuts Flour Dust, with Centrifugal Sifters
CH-290 Precision Blending International
Food Granulizing Line Fits Restricted Space with Circular Fluid Bed Processor
CH-289 American Sprinkle Co.
Vibratory Screeners Keep Dessert Toppings in Shape
CH-288 MORRE-TEC Industries
Flakes Removed From 2 to 5 Micron Crystalline Particles with Centrifugal Sifter
CH-287 Walk Mill
Modern Screener in Old Water Mill Produces High Quality Flour
CH-286 Greyston Bakery
Vibratory Sifting Improves Baked Goods Throughput
CH-285 Jacksonville Electric
Circular Vibratory Screeners Provide Low-Cost Ash Processing
CH-284 Epicore BioNetworks Inc.
Centrifugal Sifting Eliminates Bottleneck in Processing of Oily Aquaculture Products
CH-283 MacIntosh Services
Linen Supply Company Boosts Wastewater Recycling Capacity 67% with Low Cost Screener Retrofit
CH-282 Freshpet
Ingredient Screening Upgrade Boosts Pet Food Production, Cuts Labor, Improves Quality
CH-281 Xstrata Process Support
Innovative, High-Capacity Pilot Plant Crushes, Screens and Blends Minerals for High Integrity Sampling
CH-280 Hilltop Ranch
Circular fluid bed drying and cooling of almonds saves energy, space and time in vertical pasteurization process
CH-279 Compact Industries
Centrifugal Screeners Boost Powdered Beverage Mix Output, Quality
CH-278 Lehigh Technologies
Cryogenic preprocessing and centrifugal screening create super-fine rubber powders that spawn new applications and dramatic energy savings
CH-277 Industrial Equipment and Design Company (IEDCO)
Bulk Bag Unloader/Screener Automates Pharmaceutical Powder Handling
CH-276 Susquehanna Bulk Systems
Screening Lumps and Foreign Particles from Sugar
CH-274 Bacheldre Watermill
Flourmill Employs Centrifugal Force to Speed Up Separation of Bran from Flour
CH-273 Caravan Ingredients
Caravan Ingredients ups capacity, quality with bag dump screening station
CH-272 Rotuba Extruders Inc.
Circular Screeners Take Up 85% Less Floor Space at Compounding Plant
CH-271 Catoctin Mountain Growers
Vibratory Screener Solves a Water-Recycling Problem for a Wholesale Greenhouse
CH-270 Deseret Pasta
Vibratory Screener Improves Feed Consistency for Dry Pasta Production
CH-269 Global Titanium Inc.
Stainless-Steel Separator Proves its Mettle in Classifying Abrasive Ferrotitanium Granules
CH-268 Alaskan Brewing Company
Reliability high on Alaskan brewery’s dewatering requirements
CH-267 Transylvania Vocational Services
Circular Separator Helps Package Powdered Milk At High Rate
CH-266 Glass Aggregate Systems
Novel Size Reduction and Classification of Recycled Glass Yields Profitable Products, Eliminates Landfill Costs
CH-265 ICO Polymers
Centrifugal Sifter Beats the Heat in High-Volume Powder Process
CH-264 Flavorchem Corporation
Flavorchem Uses Centrifugal Force To Double Screening Capacity
CH-263 Sanitary Centrifugal Screener
Sanitary Centrifugal Screener Disassembles Rapidly With No Tools
CH-262 The Pfaltzgraff Co.
In-line pneumatic screener scalps more than a million tons of clay over 25 years without a failure
CH-261 Decas Cranberry Products, Inc.
Circular Separator Raises Productivity In Producing Sweetened, Dried Cranberries
CH-260 Canadian Rubber Recycler
One-Pass Classification Of Rubber Granules Boosts Output By 30 Percent
CH-259 Atlantic Precious Metals Resources
Sifting Precious Metals From Dental Lab Scraps 90% Faster
CH-258 Castek, Inc.
Centrifugal Screener Ups Production Of Polymer Concrete By 75%
CH-257 Pak Fok Food Products, Inc.
Circular Screener Improves Soy Concentrate Process
CH-255 Fluid bed dryer-screener system
Fluid bed dryer-screener system quadruples production of granular chemical
CH-254 Solvay Solexis
High capacity screening of resin powder at -180F /-82C
CH-253 Refractory Manufacturer
Dryer/separator resolves sticky situation at refractory manufacturer
CH-252 Opta Food Ingredients, Inc.
Centrifugal sifters, flexible conveyors meet HACCP demands in transferring starch-based blends
CH-251 CTSP Corp.
Centrifugal screeners keep pace with process changes at toll processor
CH-250 AgriEnergy Resources
360 degree Kascade discharge removes bottleneck in screening of liquid biological fertilizer
CH-249 Compounding Engineering Solutions
Toll compounder boosts productivity with circular fluid bed cooling
CH-248 International Flavors and Fragrances
IFF cuts screen blinding and change-out times
CH-247 Cast Rite Metal Company
Centrifugal Scalping of sand improves metal casting results
CH-246 Karadon Technologies Ltd.
Cross-contamination of countertop colors eliminated, output doubled at Karadon
CH-245 Equistar Chemical
Equistar ends breakdowns in classifying pellets
CH-244 Plastic Pellet Production
Ingenuity meets plastic pellet production challenge
CH-243 United States Gypsum Company
Centrifugal Sifter Meets High Flow, Low Headroom Challenge
CH-242 Elk Pinch Public Service District
High Capacity dewatering system reduces digester maintenance
CH-241 Coffee Process Technology
Screen breakage problem solved by replacing nylon with profile wire screen
CH-240 Trimac Transportation Company
Bulk tank polymer hauler saves $25,000 per year using Vibroscreen® separator — wins state and local ecological awards
CH-239 Hellers Seasonings & Ingredients
Centri-Sifter Separator Ensures Precise Particle Sizes in Processing Spices
CH-238 Bentonite Mines
Kason Products Increasing Customer Satisfaction for Bentonite Mines
CH-237 Plastic Reclamation
Tech Talk: Plastic Reclamation
CH-236 Favorite Brands International, Inc.
'Blo-Thru' Vibro-Sifter Sweetens Confectioner's Results
CH-235 GEL Spice Corporation
Spice Quality Assured by Centrifugal Sifter
CH-234 Zeigler & Sons Inc.
'Cross-Flo' Dewatering Sieve and Vibroscreen Help Cider Producer Clean Up
CH-233 Z-Tech Corporation
Zirconia Producer Assures High Quality with Centri-Sifter
CH-232 Quinlan Pretzel Company
Pretzel Producer Picks Centri-Sifter Screener for Cleanliness & Trouble-Free Operation
CH-231 Dean Foods
'Flo-Thru' Unit Solves Problems at Nondairy Creamer Manufacturer
CH-230 Eastern Uniform
Laundry Workload Reduced by Vibroscreen Separator
CH-229 MD Foods, Cremo Cheese Division
Sanitary Separator Prevents Shutdown
CH-228 Rotuba Extruders Inc.
Separator Improves Quality of Plastic Pellets
CH-227 Kason Air Brush
For Best Result, Use Kason Air Brush Intermittently
CH-226 Prevent Animal Feed Infection
Kason Technology Helps Prevent Animal Feed Infection
CH-225 Cargill Salt
'Flo-Thru' Screener Scalps Oversize Salt Crystals
CH-224 Kraft
Blo-Thru Vibratory Sifter Removes Lumps from Powdered Cheese
CH-223 Highland Produce
Centrifugal Sifter with Special Plate Screen Sifts up to TPH
CH-222 Removing Wood Chips From Tar
Removing Wood Chips from Tar
CH-221 Papermaker Keeps Plant Running
Papermaker Keeps Plant Running with Vibroscreen Separator
CH-220 Warman International
Warman Builds Titanium Vibroscreen For Ferric Chloride Solution
CH-219 Levi Strauss & Co.
Vibroscreen Unit Helps Clean Jean Stone-Washing Process
CH-217 Warner Jenkinson Cosmetics Colors
Separator Helps Keep Cosmetic Powder Quality High
CH-216 Metal Powders
Removing Lumps from Metal Powders in Restricted Area
CH-215 Lonza, Inc.
Special Vibroscreen Unit Withstands Corrosive Chemical
CH-213 Button Manufacturer
Button Manufacturer Automates with Kason Separator
CH-212 Profile Wire Screen Baskets
Profile Wire Screen Baskets Eliminate Mesh Breakage In Centrifugal Sifters
CH-211 Eccentric Weight Adjustment
New Design Concept Simplifies Eccentric Weight Adjustment for Circular Screen Separators
CH-210 AMVAC Chemical Corporation
Circular Screen Separator Helps Manufacturer of Agricultural Product Boost Utilization and Quality
CH-209 Tension Control
Tensioning Centri-Sifter Screens
CH-208 Sybron Chemicals Inc.
Centrifugal Sifter Used in Wet Application Improves Safety, Saves Money and Helps Boost Capacity
CH-207 General Spice
Spice Manufacturer Ensures Quality with Centrifugal Sifter
CH-206 Metal Powders
New Flow Patterns with a 'Flo-Thru' Separator
CH-205 The World Trade Center Bombing
Vibroscreen Unit Helps Investigation at 1993 World Trade Center Bomb Site
CH-204 HDPE Pellet Manufacturer
Special Screen and Frame Help HDPE Pellet Manufacturer Prepare for Capacity Increases
CH-203 Engelhard Chemical
Circular Screen Separator Screens Pigment for 20+ Years
CH-202 Smith Kline Beecham Pharmaceuticals
Circular Screen Separator in Grinder System Helps Pharmaceutical Firm Make Waste Unrecognizable
CH-200 Kason Gyrators
Kason Gyrators - Unsurpassed On-Stream Reliability at Lower Operating Cost Per Hour
CH-199 Keep Screen Wire Clean
Polyphosphate Helps Keep Screen Wires Clean
CH-198 Save Laundries Dollars
Vibroscreen Separators Save Laundries' Dollars
CH-197 Bemis Manufacturing Company
Wood Flour Quality Improved by Installing Centrifugal Sifters
CH-196 Screen Tension
How to Correctly Tension the Screen
CH-194 Instruction Manuals
Instruction Manuals and Video Tapes
CH-193 Settling Pond Cleanup Systems
Circular Screen Separators Minimize Solids Build-Up in Settling Pond Cleanup System
CH-191 Protect your Gyrator
How to Protect Your Gyrator and Extend Service Life
CH-190 Stanley G. Flagg & Company
Circular Screen Separator Helps Brass Foundry Cut Tramp Metal by 75%
CH-189 American Brass
Kason Separator Recovers Brass from Waste Slag
CH-188 De-agglomerate Crystalline Materials
Centri-Sifter Increases Yields by Breaking Lumps or Rejected Bags as Well as Screening
CH-187 Ocean County Utilities Authority
Separators Help Protect Disc Centrifuges
CH-186 Pectin Australia Pty Ltd
Vibroscreen Separators help make Pectin
CH-185 Nonexistent Replacement Spring Business
Our Spare Spring Business is Virtually Nonexistent and We Love It
CH-184 Fiberglass Manufacturer
Circular Screen Separators Handle Wastewater for Fiberglass Manufacturer
CH-183 Biosphere, Inc.
Circular Screen Separator Classified Clams
CH-182 Coating Pellets
Coating Pellets on a Vibroscreen
CH-181 Gyrator Bearings
How To Get Along With Your Gyrator's Bearings
CH-180 Algoma Steel Corp.
Fabricator Finds Flux Recycling Reaps Rewards
CH-179 Reusable Salt at Pretzel Plant
Screen Separator Saves 1000 Pounds per Day of Reusable Salt at Pretzel Plant
CH-178 Molson
Cross-Flo™ Sieve Becomes Method of Choice for Bottle Washing
CH-177 FINA Oil and Chemical Company
New Addition To The Pellet Line Reduces Dryer Downtime
CH-176 Allied Chemical Corporation
Kason and Allied Cooperate to improve machine performance
CH-175 J .J .Cassone Bakery
CH-174 Kason Designs Solve Customer Problems
Kason Designs Solve Customer Problems
CH-173 Warman International
Vibroscreen Separators Sift Indonesian Tea
CH-171 Kason Laboratory
Kason Laboratory Takes Guesswork Out Of Specifying
CH-170 Straub Brewing Company
Brewery Makes Better Beer Clarifying Yeast with Circular Vibratory Separator
CH-169 Argyle Diamond Mines
Gems from Around the World
CH-168 Domino Pizza
'Blo-Thru' Sifter Helps Dominos Pizza Ensure High Quality Tasty Pizza
CH-167 Airflow Affects Screening Efficiency
Airflow Affects Screening Efficiency
CH-166 Kruger, Inc.
Mill Upgrades Separator to increase Capacity
CH-165 Pickle and Sauerkraut Processor
Specially Designed Sieve Solves Effluent Problem
CH-163 Vibration Amplitude Gauge
Vibration Amplitude Gauge Help Maximize Efficiency
CH-162 Stayton Canning Company
High Speed Dewatering of Cannery Waste
CH-161 How to Minimize Screen Blinding
How to Minimize Screen Blinding
CH-160 All Metal Inc.
Separating Scrap for $$$
CH-157 Wilton Armetale
Tableware foundry sifts out defects
CH-156 Adjustable Feed Control
Adjustable Feed Control
CH-155 Maple Leaf Mills
Removing Fines from Animal Feed
CH-154 Aristech Chemical Corp.
Sieve solves fines problems on Aristech's polypropylene processing line
CH-153 MD Foods, Cremo Cheese Division
Special screening saves European cheese operation
CH-152 C. A. Calidrat
Centrifugal sifter with special plate sifts limestone at up to 8 tons per hour
CH-151 Regal Recycling
New tire recycling system lowers costs, relies on chemical-free freezing
CH-150 Vinyl Profile Producer
Circular screen separator accommodates 100 percent capacity increase, boosting vinyl production
CH-149 Smith Kline Beecham Pharmaceuticals
Circular screen separator in grinding system helps pharmaceutical firm make waste unrecognizable
CH-148 The World Trade Center Bombing
Sifting through rubble at the World Trade Center
CH-147 AMVAC Chemical Corporation
Circular Screen Separator Removes Lumps From Chemical Company's Product, Improving Quality and Bagging Efficiency
CH-146 Sybron Chemicals Inc.
Centrifugal sifter dewaters resin to 10 percent surface moisture
CH-145 Reed Corporation
Circular screen separators help granulator purify products
CH-144 General Spice
Spice manufacturer ensures quality with centrifugal sifter
CH-143 Australian Fused Materials Pty. Ltd.
Screen separator maintains size distribution
CH-142 Prepare Slaked Lime
Circular screens help prepare slaked lime
CH-141 Kruger Inc.
Kruger Mill installs separator to increase paper coating capacity
CH-140 Algoma Steel Corp.
Fabricator finds that flux recycling reaps rewards
CH-139 Domino Pizza
Vibratory sifter speeds flow of flour
CH-138 Stanley G. Flagg & Co.
Separation helps foundry cut tramp metal 75 percent
CH-137 UFL Foods Inc.
Drum sifters save time and improve quality for food processor
CH-136 Ocean County Utilities Authority
Circular screen separators protect disc centrifuges in domestic/industrial wastewater treatment system
CH-135 Screening Out Brewery Solids
Screening out brewery solids for savings.
CH-134 Polypropylene Facility
Retrofitted two-screen separator boosts capacity by 50 percent for polyethylene manufacturer
CH-133 Maple Leaf Mills
Circular vibratory separator eliminates fines in animal feed
CH-132 Wing Hing Noodle Co.
Circular screen helps noodle manufacturer maintain high quality flavor
CH-131 Pretzel Plant Equipment
Screen separator saves 1,000 lbs/day (454 kg/day) of reusable salt at pretzel plant
CH-130 ITT Grinnell Corp.
Abrasion-resistant dewatering screen cuts downtime and maintenance costs
CH-129 Baumgardner Oil Co.
Vibratory screens help petroleum processor convert waste oil into fuel oil
CH-128 All Metal Inc.
Two-stage separation eases scrap re-use for injection molder
CH-127 Chesapeake Corporation
Chesapeake installs high speed dewatering sieve for bark removal at pulp mill
CH-126 Stayton Canning Co.
Screen removes organic material from cannery waste
CH-124 General Motors
Circular vibratory screen separators clarify corrosive effluent at GMC Truck and Coach Division
CH-123 Pickle and Sauerkraut Processor
Specially designed sieve solves effluent problem for pickle producer
CH-121 Equity Silver Mines Ltd.
Circular vibratory screens improve recovery of gold and silver
CH-120 General Mills, Inc.
General Mills changes to centrifugal sifters for oat- and corn-based cereals
CH-119 J. J. Cassone Bakery
Baker reclaims corn meal/poppy seeds
CH-118 Sherwood Farms
Poultry processor uses Kason separator to maximize waste treatment efficiency
CH-117 Penn Packing Co.
Meat packer recovers valuable solids from wastewater
CH-116 Polymers Plant
Circular vibratory screeners solve polymer plant start-up problems
CH-115 Pulp and Paper Industry
Vibrating Screen Separators in the Pulp and Paper Industry
CH-114 Canadian Salt Co., Ltd.
Kason Separators Classify Evaporator and Fuses Salts at Canadian Salt Company
CH-113 Cow & Gate Dairy
Kason Saves Cow and Gate up to $3/hour in Cheddar Cheese Making Operation
CH-111 Fixed Catalyst Beds
Vibrating Screen Separators Increase Efficiency and Minimize Down Time in Regeneration of Fixed Catalyst Beds
CH-112 Green Giant Cannery
Green Giant Meets Strict BOD Regulations and Lowers Labor Costs with Vibratory Screen Separators
CH-110 Malting company
Malting Company Screens High BOD Rootlets with Kason Separator
CH-100 Robin Hood Flour Mills Limited
16 Tons Per Hour of Pellet Mill Output Accepted by Kason Classifiers in Animal and Poultry Feed Plant


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