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VIBRO-BEDTM Comparison with Rectangular Units

Circular Vibratory Fluid Bed System
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Kason Circular Vibratory Fluid Bed System

Rectangular Fluid Bed System
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Traditional Rectangular Fluid Bed System

Higher strength-to-weight ratio

Inherently rigid, a Kason circular fluid bed processor does not require heavy steel sidewalls or cross braces to withstand extensive vibration.

Smaller size range

Eight models range in diameter from 18 to 84 inches (460-2133mm) offering efficient performance across a range of small to moderate volume applications not satisfied by rectangular units.

Lower sanitary construction cost

A Kason circular fluid bed processor uses a lighter gauge shell and components, with fewer weld seams, and requires only one air inlet and outlet resulting in lower material and labor costs-especially when finished to FDA, BISSC, or 3-A standards.

Faster, easier set up

Compact and lightweight, a complete Kason circular fluid bed system can be frame-mounted with casters for low cost shipping, easy installation, and in-plant mobility.

Reduced engineering time

Kason self-contained fluid bed systems are lab tested using your material, and engineered to ensure on-spec performance as delivered.

Faster, easier cleaning

With no internal cross members, fewer seams and corners, and a quick disconnect shell, a Kason circular fluid bed processor cuts cleaning time dramatically.