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In addition to an unmatched selection of Replacement Round Screens, Kason offers an extensive inventory of exact-fit parts for round vibratory screeners of all makes and models including:

  • Anti-Blinding Devices
  • Auto-Lubrication Systems
  • Bearings
  • Circular Bases
  • Clamp Ring Assemblies
  • Dust Covers
  • Flexible Connectors
  • Frames
  • Gaskets
  • Grease Cartridges
  • Motor Support Tables
  • Motors
  • Rubber Wiper Blades
  • Seal Rings
  • Support Springs
  • Topside wipers (brushes or elastomeric blades)

Best of all, Kason's premium quality parts and screens are available to you for quick shipment at highly competitive prices.

For a fast price quote, email your specifications or call toll free:

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Exact-fit replacement screens for any make or model of circular vibratory screener include weld-mount screens and food-grade epoxy-mount sanitary screens in diameters from 18" to 100" (460mm to 2540mm) in meshes from 2" (25 mm) clear opening down to 500 mesh (25 microns). All are available with optional center holes, radial arm braces or back-up screens to prolong screen life, and anti-blinding devices such as ball tray assemblies, Kleen-Screen ring assemblies, topside wiper blade and brush assemblies, and ultrasonic devices.