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Pharmaceutical/Sanitary Sifter

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Food Processing Machinery Association cGMP United States Department of Agriculture 3-A Sanitary Standards
U.S. Food and Drug Administration Baking Industry Sanitation Standards Committee CE ATEX

VIBROSCREEN® Sanitary Vibratory Screeners

Pharmaceutical/Sanitary Sifter

Clean-in-place spray heads sanitize quickly and thoroughly, hands-free

This sanitary Vibroscreen vibratory separator for pharmaceutical applications features clean-in-place and other contamination-sensitive spray heads for hands-free wash down.

The screener is configured with one gap-free screening deck. Three clean-in-place spray heads are required; one

Pharmaceutical/Sanitary Sifter

each for the upper, central and lower chambers.

Quick-disconnect clamps allow two-minute disassembly of all water supply hoses, clean-in-place spray head fittings, and separator body sections for inspection or screen changes.

Unlike traditional circular screen separators, this sifter has no gaps between the mounted screen and the frame wall. It is offered in diameters from 18 to 60" (460 to 1525mm) in all-stainless construction finished to FDA as well as 3-A, BISSC and other sanitary standards.