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Small-batch, Quick-Clean Centri-Sifter Centrifugal Batch Screener

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Food Processing Machinery Association cGMP United States Department of Agriculture 3-A Sanitary Standards
U.S. Food and Drug Administration Baking Industry Sanitation Standards Committee CE ATEX

CENTRI-SIFTERTM Miniature Centrifugal Batch Screeners

Small-batch, Quick-Clean Centrifugal Batch Screener


The Mini Centri-Sifter centrifugal sifter for screening small batches of bulk pharmaceutical materials and other contamination-sensitive products, allows rapid disassembly and thorough wash-down.

Using three thumb screws, the unit's end plate, cylindrical screen and shaft-mounted paddle assembly can be removed in less than one minute, providing access to sanitize all material contact surfaces.

Small-batch, Quick-Clean Centri-Sifter Centrifugal Batch Screener

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As material is gravity-fed into the unit, rotating helical paddles continuously propel the material against the cylindrical screen, and accelerate them through the apertures. On-size material then drops through the first of two discharge spouts, into a storage vessel or processing equipment. The paddles, which do not contact the screen, also serve to break-up agglomerated materials. Oversized particles unable to pass through the apertures, exit through the end of the screen cylinder and fall through a second discharge spout for discarding or re-processing.

Cylindrical screens are offered in woven nylon, monofilament, stainless steel, and stainless steel wedge wire, to accommodate a wide range of materials.

Available to industrial, food, dairy and pharmaceutical standards including
3-A and BISSC.